Tuesday, August 29

OH where have i been?

Alright, i tried to put this up a few days ago. but no luck, i just couldn't get onto this site. so here it is. This is a scarf i was working on for the last week. It's made with baby soft 100% acrylic yarn. I also made the felt flower pin to go along with the scarflet.
It made me realize how long it has been since i worked with thinner yarn and how my metal needles can give me such a hard time while knitting as they constantly slip off the row i'm knitting, forcing me to pick them up and start over again. Even with all that itwas still worth it. I used a ribbed stitch in order to make the thin yarn a little heavier and warmer to wear. it turned out just like i wanted which i can't complain about at all. I have it for sale for $22 including the pin on my etsy site. if it doesn't sell i may just have to keep it for myself or give it to a loved one.

On another note, I marked down a bunch of my jewelry items in my shop. hopefully this will stir up a few more sales to pay for my train ticket back home (and that lovely credit card bill i have). It can be found on pages 2 and 3 of my shop.


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