Tuesday, August 29


So i realized that lately i have been making a lot of necklaces and next to zero earrings. I'm not sure why. It could have been my excitment from receiving a bunch of new supplies from artbeads or just been inspired to make necklaces rather than earrings. But when i bought these beads i knew they were meant to be used for some awesome earrings.

This first pair is great. They have got to be my most interesting pair i've made yet. I just love the way they look. I found these carved stone beads at Artons and fell in love. I paired it with some leopard skin jasper chips and wha-la! Some smoking earrings! They are $14.75 at my shop.

These second pair is more suttle but i still adore it. I was thinking of my mom and how she doesn't like earrings to be too long - the shorter the better. So keeping that in mind i still wanted to make them have impact. This is where the wire wrapping came in. It was my first atempt at wrapping a bead like this and i feel it was very successful. I love the way they look and think the sterling silver wire just adds that some special. They are available at my shop for $14.50


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