Tuesday, August 29


So i realized that lately i have been making a lot of necklaces and next to zero earrings. I'm not sure why. It could have been my excitment from receiving a bunch of new supplies from artbeads or just been inspired to make necklaces rather than earrings. But when i bought these beads i knew they were meant to be used for some awesome earrings.

This first pair is great. They have got to be my most interesting pair i've made yet. I just love the way they look. I found these carved stone beads at Artons and fell in love. I paired it with some leopard skin jasper chips and wha-la! Some smoking earrings! They are $14.75 at my shop.

These second pair is more suttle but i still adore it. I was thinking of my mom and how she doesn't like earrings to be too long - the shorter the better. So keeping that in mind i still wanted to make them have impact. This is where the wire wrapping came in. It was my first atempt at wrapping a bead like this and i feel it was very successful. I love the way they look and think the sterling silver wire just adds that some special. They are available at my shop for $14.50

OH where have i been?

Alright, i tried to put this up a few days ago. but no luck, i just couldn't get onto this site. so here it is. This is a scarf i was working on for the last week. It's made with baby soft 100% acrylic yarn. I also made the felt flower pin to go along with the scarflet.
It made me realize how long it has been since i worked with thinner yarn and how my metal needles can give me such a hard time while knitting as they constantly slip off the row i'm knitting, forcing me to pick them up and start over again. Even with all that itwas still worth it. I used a ribbed stitch in order to make the thin yarn a little heavier and warmer to wear. it turned out just like i wanted which i can't complain about at all. I have it for sale for $22 including the pin on my etsy site. if it doesn't sell i may just have to keep it for myself or give it to a loved one.

On another note, I marked down a bunch of my jewelry items in my shop. hopefully this will stir up a few more sales to pay for my train ticket back home (and that lovely credit card bill i have). It can be found on pages 2 and 3 of my shop.

Friday, August 18


Alright so I finally added those necklaces and am now having another sale this weekend!

Until Monday August 21st receive free shipping on all jewelry purchases. Spend over $35 and receive a free gift with purchase!


Thursday, August 17

New Necklaces

So I have been busy with taking better pictures of my items (getting a crisper white background) and in the meantime have madea few new necklaces with some new supplies I just received in the mail yesturday.

This first one is my favourite. It is a silvery shell pendant with hematite and yellow tourquoise beads.

This second one is a big green serpentine wrapped pandent which i simply hung by 2 strands of sterling silver chain.

And lastly, this baby is not my typical style but i love felting beads so i decided to string them up into a necklace. I am really happy with the result and love the colour combination.

I still have to price this, but hopefully tonight (or tomorrow morning) they will all be up on my website for sale: www.elmdesigns.etsy.com

Saturday, August 12

New Earrings Are Up

Tonight I have decided to really re-dedicate myself to making my etsy shop not only grow but to really keep it up to date and list new and current items often. I have started with 2 earrings i recently made. The first is a jade and rose quartz sterling earring. I absolutely love this pair and would love to keep them for myself but i already have soo many of my own. They are $16.25 and listed here

The other is a classic pearl and swarovski threader sterling silver earring. They are $19 in my shop.

Friday, August 11

Interviews and Felt

So today I had an interview with BMW for a retail position in their luxury boutique. I have no idea how I did but hopefully I get a call back for their second interview stage.

After I came home I needed to unwind (I get a little stressed with interviews) so I decided to wet felt some of the wool I had that I didn't know what to do with. Out came these cute little felted beads. I couldn't be more happier with them. I plan on finishing off the wool (more bluish-pink colours). I'm not sure what I will do with them yet. I think I'll try adding them too some necklace designs I've been working on. I have made earrings out of felt balls before which have sold so perhaps I'll make some smaller ones with the rest of the wool and try that as well. Felting is a little new for me but I am definitely enjoying it.

Wednesday, August 9

Who doesn't like a sale?

Just thought I'd let everyone know that i'm having a sale in my etsy store! All Shell jewelry is now 25% off til Sat. Aug 12th. Just click the link below to enter my store and save!


oh the wonders of blogging....

Alright so first blog....So exciting and yet so intimidating.

Let me just let ya know whats gonna be in this baby. It's basically going to be a spot for me to tell you about:

- up and coming craftshows, successes, failures, and pics
- jewelry designs, and ideas
- illustrations, paintings, and all those lovely things i went to school for
- all my other crafty happenings, including: knitting, yarn spinning, dyeing, crocheting, felting and such.
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